Joint Ventures


Stravinci is a gaming solution and services vendor. It is licensed to sell and market Prima Networks Limited’s market leading suite of Casino, Poker, and Bingo games to third parties.

Stravinci offers white label solutions to companies that do not have a license, turnkey solutions in terms of managed services, and independent poker, casino and or bingo to companies with their own license. The Joint Venture agreement grants Stravinci the ability to also license out Instant scratch games, Sports Betting, Casual and Multi Player Games with access to a number of high quality games from Prima Networks on both Viper and Flash platforms.

Quick Poker

Quick Poker is part of Prima Networks Limited’s Poker suite. It has been specifically designed for the traditional Italian market to assist the diverse retail base, enabling Prima Networks Limited to meet aggressive timescales, with minimum maintenance costs, to move to market.

Quick Poker allows Operators to act fast and provides flexibility within an evolving regulatory environment. The benefits of Quick Poker include, high volume of players, cost effective bespoke solution for Italy, fast deployment to market and access to Prima Networks Limited software. Quick Poker also provides easily customisable branding opportunities and regular seamless software updates.

Note: Software is only supplied where legally acceptable to do so and within the regulatory parameters of each country.